My First Album

My First Album

<p>Who the hell is <a Marx? Being another baby of Gizmodo, I’m sure I’ve still got a lot to learn about music, especially since I’m one of those kids who’s completely brainwashed by The Mouse.

For those of you who know me, it shouldn't come as a surprise to know the very first CD I bought was the soundtrack to Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I was about 10 years old when I purchased the CD, but before that, I recorded my own cassette of it by holding an old boombox, with a double-tapedeck, up to the speakers through every single song of the movie.

I don't remember the gadgets I used to play them on, but from VHS to cassette to CD to digital download, I still listen to "Belle" at least once a week. It's true that living in my little magical bubble might make me a little detached from the real world, but you have to admit that this sparkly, yellow ball gown is so much more flattering on me than your wizard capes and crumpled up binder paper. Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!

For Gizmodo's week-long Listening Test (a tribute to all things audio), each writer will be sharing his/her first album. In other words, there will be many more to come.

Listening Test: It's music tech week at Gizmodo.