Mutsugoto Lets Lovers Touch Each Other With Light

They say long distance relationships don't work, and a lack of physical intimacy is usually to blame. It's kind of abstract, but the Mutsugoto allows lovers to draw light on each other's bodies or beds.

Stefan Agamanolis, one of the three developers, explains:

Mr Agamanolis said the device was designed to communicate intimacy and to offer an alternative to text and e-mail messaging. While lying on their beds miles away from each other, the couples wear touch-activated rings visible to a camera mounted above them. A computer vision system tracks the movement of the ring as one of the device's users passes it across their own body, or bed. At the same time these strokes are transmitted to and projected in beams of light on the body of their partner. The lines change colour if they cross. it's kind of like being felt up by a ghost? [Mutsugoto via BBC via DVICE]

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