Motorola's Media Mover Is a USB SlingBox and Nannycam in Your Pocket

It's easy to forget that Motorola doesn't just make horrible mobile phones, they actually make neat gadgets, like the Media Mover: A pocket-sized USB stick that transcodes lots of video and beams it anywhere like SlingBox.

Dave says that Motorola imagines the Media Mover as a "Swiss Army knife" of USB gadgets. It'll transcode lots of different video on your DVR and broadcast it locally or remotely over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, kinda like Sling. Motorola was demoing it sending video to a Moto Q9M, iPhone (pictured) and a laptop. It's also got a low-res nanny cam built inside, so you can watch how much of the good wine they're drinking on your iPhone.

No price or date yet, but it's supposed to be "low cost." [ZatzNotFunny]

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