Motorola Powering Portable Set-Top Box With Android

Motorola is building a generally unremarkable "au Box" portable set-top box for Japanese electronics company KDDI. But one part of their plan stands out: It'll run Android.

We've been told from the start that Android—essentially just a lightweight Linux distribution—would make its way to a variety of devices aside from mobile phones, but most people took that to mean we'd see Google's mobile OS on netbooks, tablets or MIDs. Those are coming, but it looks like Motorola, with this unexpected use, could beat them all out of the gate.

As for the box: It's a simple set-top unit with an emphasis on mobility. What that means, other than small size, is that the box has integrated speakers, a wide variety of connectors and even an internal optical drive that can play DVDs or rip CDs to the device's hard drive. It's Japan-only and won't arrive until CEATEC in October, at least, but it's interesting too see just how wide Android's applications are, in practice. [Android Guys via CNET]

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