Motorcycle Toilet Helps You Squat and Hover

This concept toilet by designer Nelson Ayala does what good concepts do—make our lives easier. In this case it prevents cheek-to-bowl contact in public restrooms.

The way I see it you have four options: sit directly on the unsanitary toilet, wallpaper the seat with TP squares, use one of those flimsy paper covers, or squat and hover. If you prefer the latter option, but you lack the thigh strength to maintain elevated above the bowl for the duration, this toilet can help.

You see, the user takes a motorcycle-esque stance over the bowl, with their knees inserted into padded grooves to support weight comfortably. Of course, I'm not sure that this concept completely addresses the other major problem with the squat and hover method—(ahem) "discharge containment." The bowl would probably have to be really wide. Yeah, public restrooms are nasty enough already. [The Design Blog]

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