More Nikon D5000 DSLR Details Leaked

Nikon's D5000 is looking more and more like a sure thing for the near future: A Hong Kong retailer's page for the camera went up early revealing some vital specs like, "how much?"

Here's what we're looking at, according to the page: 2.7-inch tilting LCD (as seen in multiple spy shots), an 11-point auto-focus, ISO 3200, and "D movie image editing" which seems to confirm video capabilities. It'll have a Japanese price that's about $US830. Japanese release date is May 1, which is what Nikon Rumours called for the states too.

The all-important (sorta) megapixel count and HD movie resolution remains a mystery, but everything else we've seen before (which otherwise matches up to all the other specs) points to 12.3MP. The real question is the movie mode. If it only records 720p, even if if the D5000 undercuts Canon's T1i by $US100, Nikon's going to look like they're lagging behind Canon in a bad way, and underscore the perception that they can't match Canon's legacy in video. Nikon can argue all it wants that video doesn't matter in still cameras, and while video might still be a secondary function, these video-shooting hybrids are the future. [Nikon Rumors]

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