Mobile Phone Spontaneously Calls 911 On Owner While He Brags About Burglaries

Whether it's just a coincidence or divine intervention, it appears that the real Jesus phone narc'ed on its 16 year old owner while he was bragging to his friends about a burglary.

For one reason or another, the phone dialed 911 and picked up a conversation he was having with his friends about stealing a Cricket phone and a car stereo (An impressive haul...if it was 1985). A snippet of audio from the 911 call is available courtesy of Phoenix New Times. It is difficult to make out what is being said, but the interesting portion is as follows:

"It was bolted down — I had to rip it out," a voice can be heard saying on the recording released by Peoria cops. "It took all my energy to lift it out of the car."

After the signal was triangulated, an officer was dispatched to the scene where he found the suspect holding the car stereo in his hands. He was written up for felony vehicle burglary, but it will be up to the juvenile courts to decide his fate. [Phoenix New Times via CNET via Fark]

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