Mobile Cinema Sites Lets You Book Movie Tickets From Your Phone

greaterunion iphone.jpgSure - it's not a dedicated app for your iPhone, but reader Jacob has pointed out that the Greater Union mobile site lets you check movie timetables, order tickets and reserve seating all from your mobile phone. A quick check shows that Hoyts also have a mobile website that you can access through your mobile as well, which lets you book movie tickets and browse cinema times from your handheld.

The fact that they're just mobile websites means pretty much any phone can access them as well, which should keep all you Winmo/Blackberry/Android fans out there happy. As much as we love our iPhone apps here at Giz, I actually think this is a much better implementation of the service in this particular instance.

Considering the number of great movies that are heading our way this year, it's well worth bookmarking both cinema sites to your phone as soon as you can.

[Greater Union - Thanks Jacob!] [Hoyts]

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