MLB's Incredible Web Video Plans: HD With Mosaic Picture-in-Picture, Live Streaming to iPhone

MLB's awesome and feature-packed iPhone app could be getting that killer feature—live video streaming—this summer thanks to a new streaming tool in iPhone 3.0, says MLB Advanced Media CEO Bob Bowman.

Here's what he says specifically:

If there were a heaven and it came out in midseason, maybe we offer a game or two a day and that way we don't drop the price for At Bat. We would love to do live games on the iPhone. I think people would watch. A whole game? Probably not. But ten minutes?

Beyond that, MLB.TV is about to crush everyone's expectations of what live web video should be: More than 2,000 games in HD, which you can watch four of simultaneously with a mosaic picture-in-picture, multiple audio tracks to pick from and full DVR features like pause and rewind. They're also working on finally allowing in-market web streaming, so you can watch your local team online if you feel like it, not just on your TV.

If I actually liked baseball, I'd pretty hyped right about now. But I wonder if their pay model would be able to be applied anywhere else—would people pay for network programming (Hulu) if it had this kind of functionality? Or just go to torrents?[Alley Insider, MLB.TV]

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