Microsoft Ordered to Pay $US388 Million for Patent Infringement

Microsoft was ordered by a Rhode Island court today to pay a whopping $US388 million in damages for patent violation in software filed back in 2003 regarding Windows XP. Way to be timely, Rhode Island.

The patent, held by Uniloc, an Australia-based security software company, creates unique identities for individual users, presumably thus preventing piracy (though let's be honest, Windows XP is not a tough nut to crack at this point). Uniloc filed the suit way back in 2003, when it was probably more of an immediate issue, but it's been held up in court for six years. A Microsoft spokesman protested the decision, proclaiming the big MS's innocence, and said that Microsoft will attempt to have the verdict overturned.

The court's decision of nearly $US400 million would make the case one of the largest patent dispute settlements of all time. [Reuters]

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