McIntosh Celebrates its 60th Anniversary, Blasts Tube Amps Into the 21st Century

Audiophiles across the world have their minds blown as McIntosh upgrades two classic home audio components in the "Classic Systems" limited release. I'd be more excited if I had $US15,000 to blow on audio equipment.

For its 60th anniversary yesterday, McIntosh Labs released the new MC75 tube amplifier (modeled after the original 1961 version) and the C22 preamplifier (modeled from the original 1962 version). The distinctly retro look of both devices remain true to the original designs, while many internal circuit enhancements improve reliability of the equipment to meet modern specifications. The backlit glass and brushed anodized aluminium definitely preserves the iconic character of audio equipment from generations past, and now I have reoccurring flashbacks of dad in his bell bottoms fiddling with his old high-end stereo system trying to get Creedence Clearwater Revival to play at full blast.

At a snub to the current generation music lovers, there's nary an iPod dock nor HDMI input in sight. The most modern upgrade the McIntosh dudes added was a remote control for the preamp. And in true snobby audiophile style, only 120 of these sonic treasures will be released in the U.S. [McIntosh]

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