Manson MB-1 Guitar Has an Integrated, Touch-Controlled, X-Y MIDI Pad for Effects

Guitars are fun. X-Y MIDI controllers, like the Korg KAOSS Pad, are also fun. So in theory, combining the two, like this Manson MB-1 Guitar does, makes this thing twice as fun.

Music Radar says this £3300 guitar is the signature axe of Matthew Bellamy, frontman of the band Muse. It lets you run any plug-in you want for effects manipulation, and use it to make your shred sessions even more awesome. The video on Music Radar shows how the guitar fundamentally works—strumming out a chord, then hitting the MIDI pad with your fingers alters the sound of the guitar.

Pre-orders for the MB-1 will begin this summer, and the first units will ship in the fall. Also, it glows in a bunch of ADD-inducing colours. Oooooh. Shiny. [Manson Guitars via Music Radar via Engadget]

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