Mammoth Innovizion 65-Inch Outdoor HDTV Is Fun For the Whole Forest

In college, the fellas and I would often drag a TV, couch and beer outside because it was ironic. The practice often led to a busted set. We could have used Innovizion's gigantic weatherproof TV.

Weatherproof TVs are nothing new, of course, but this one pushed the envelope in terms of size with its mammoth 65-inch HD LCD screen. It's also wireless, with a transmitter that allows campers (people) and camper (Winnebago) to be separated by more than 50 metres of wildlife, lush green lawn or, in the case of my house at the ol' alma mater, patches of dead grass, beer cans, and the occasional prone body or two.

Alleged "glare reduction coating" helps when viewing the outdoor TV behemoth in direct sunlight, but the equally large $US35,990 price tag doesn't really help anyone but Innovizion. Seriously, if you're going to spend that kind of money anyway, might as well buy a few dozen "normal" HDTVs in a smaller size. As they burn out from moisture, dirt or the rain, simply replace them with a reserve. Stupid, yes, but so is spending $US36,000 on a TV. [Innovizion via Born Rich]

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