London Bar Pumps Gin and Tonic Into The Air: Please Breathe Responsibly

Starting today and running through the 25th, A temporary bar dubbed "Alcoholic Architecture" is popping up in London offering a cloud of breathable gin and tonic to it's patrons.

The brainchild of culinary adventurers Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, Alcoholic Architecture creates a intoxicating vapour using the same ultrasonic humidifier system found in Antony Gormley's installation at the Hayward in 2007 called Blind Light. Patrons pay around $US7 for hourly slots between 7 and 9pm where they can don protective suits and get drunk off the air. It's a novelty for sure, but $US7 isn't a bad price for an hours worth of gin and tonic no matter how you look at it. [Jellymongers and Metro and View London]

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