Light-Up HDMI Cables Make Sense, But Not Like This

I love the idea of light-up HDMI cables but I'm not sold on these, from Japan's Donya electronics retailer. In a sense, they are completely backwards. Have you guessed why?

Like any other home-theatre fiddler, I definitely could use more light back behind my TV and my home-theatre gear. But I want that light back there in order to see where I'm plugging my cables. So unless the cables are already lit up when I grab them and reach back to plug them in, they do me no good. In fact, if they light up only once I've plugged them in, they basically just shed a weird pasty red, blue or white light emanating from behind my TV or Blu-ray deck, another useless leech reminding me of an ever-increasing electricity bill.

Speaking of bills, the good news is, if and when these cables ever make it past Japan's shores, they're cheap as hell: $US10 for a 10-footer. And certified for HDMI 1.3 too! (Still don't want.) [Crave]

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