Lenovo May Be Working on a Netbook That's Good Enough For Businessmen

Businessmen are picky bastards, which is why Lenovo working on a ThinkPad-branded netbook is good news for everyone.

Their "Worldwide Competitive Analyst" says that they're exploring the area (of course), and that people should "watch this space", meaning that they're going to be making one. There's no other reason for him to say "watch this space" unless he was just being a dick, in which case you should watch THIS space, if you know what I mean.

"Businesses are definitely asking about netbooks, they're wanting them more and more. Business problems, whether the economy is good or not, remain the same: do more with less, be more efficient and all that. This ties in very nicely with netbooks."

If it's anything like their concept, we'll take eight.

[APCMag via Crunchgear]

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