Leaked Dell Internal Product Roadmap Reveals Mini 11 Netbook

We received word today that Dell is talking about a Mini 11 netbook behind closed doors. Mahoney, that Mini 9 Hackintosh OS X howto was awesome, so be ready for this when it hits, ok?

The big reveal came as some internal Dell docs were leaked to Netbook News. In the image at left, you can see Dell's suggested Mini product roadmap, from "media consumption" to "laptop experience" in the proposed Mini 11.

With the Mini 11, you're apparently going to get Vista, a 3G modem for broadband, and a refreshed Intel Atom processor, all projected into your eyeballs via an 11.6-inch HD screen. Price tag is set at $US500, but remember these are leaked slides from a Power Point presentation some poor sap left in a Starbucks or something, so nothing's final or confirmed. [Netbook News]

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