Largest Scale Model Rocket In History Blasts Off on April 25th

At over 11 metres tall and 725kg, designer Steve Eves hopes his custom-built rocket will blast off into the record books as the biggest scale model in history when it launches on April 25th.

That's right—this 1/10 scale model of the Saturn V rocket can actually fly thanks to eight 13,000ns N-Class motors and a single 77,000ns P-Class motor producing 8,000 pounds of thrust. If all goes well, the single stage flight will top out at 900-1200 metres and return to Earth via parachute.

Will Eves $US25,000 baby succeed as the original Saturn V rocket did in 1969, or will it crash in a spectacular and potentially deadly fashion? Either way, I hope there is some good video. [Rocketry Planet via Likecool via OhGizmo]

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