LaCie Data/Share SD Reader Callously Mocks the Sacred Taoist Concepts and Yin and Yang

USB flash media readers aren't exactly ripe for innovation, so it's rare that they surprise us in a way that doesn't inspire laughter. But 69ing two readers into one compact, featureless lump? That's kinda genius.

Designed by the same folks who brought us those wiseass USB "Keys", the LaCie Data/Share is proudly simple, which is the source of both its strengths and its weaknesses. Along with plain card-reading capabilities, it offers a great way to store an extra SD or MicroSD card on the go, consolidating case and reader into one unit and eliminating dust and fragility concerns for both. That said, it could stand to do a little more; SD cards are well and good, and I know LaCie is aiming to keep things small, but nowadays it's taken for granted that SD readers can handle at least a handful of other flash media as well.

The Data/Share isn't yet listed on LaCie's website, but it's expected to ship at around $US15. [Electric Pig]

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