Kraftwerk, as Reimagined Through the 90s Lens of Tim and Eric

There are few groups more influential to electronic music than Kraftwerk. Spacevoyaging from Dusseldorf since the 60s, these 4 Germans are the essence of cool. Now, Tim and Eric imagine them as 1990s computer nerds.

As Prefix's Andrew Winistorfer points out, this video plays out like a giant homage to the group. The emotionless computer music making is a nod to Kraftwerk's live sets, where they meticulously assemble their songs bit by bit. Titles like Mini Van Highway are a nod to classics such as Trans Europe Express and Autobahn. Even the robotic lyrics are a spot-on facsimile of the Kraftwerk style. Plus, how can you not love the beige Windows 3.0 machines? So good. [The Walrus via Daily Swarm via Prefix]

And as a bonus bit, Kraftwerk performing "The Robots," live in 1978.

Screw it, their 1981 performance of Pocket Calculator is so rad too, I cant help but include it.

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