Kodak Launches Cheap Zx1 Weatherproof 720p HD Camcorder

Kodak ZX1.jpgEvery Jackass in America has a cheap HD camcorder in the US these days, thanks to models from Flip, Creative, Sony, Kodak and god knows how many other manufacturers. Meanwhile, here in Australia, we're left with pretty much nothing. Luckily, Kodak's decided to offer us some hope with the Zx1, a weatherproof 720p camcorder that's just $299. Now every jackass in Australia can record their misadventures in HD for YouTube glory!The camera records 720p video at 30-6fps straight to SDHC cards, allowing you to get up to 10 hours worth of video onto a 32GB card. There's a built-in 2-inch LCD screen, and built-in editing software aking it easy to get your video up on the web.

The Zx1 also comes with a rechargeable NiMH battery and an HDMI cable. Personally, this jackass cannot wait to get his hands on one to test out. The Zx1 will hit shelves this month in black, red and pink.


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