Kitchen Towel Sanitising Machine Says 'Suck It' To ShamWow

Just the other day I was thinking that I spend entirely too much on paper towels—but I refuse to buy a ShamWow from Beavis. This kitchen towel sanitising machine just might be the answer.

The idea is simple—a mini countertop washing machine that can sanitise your germ-ridden kitchen towels. I mean, how often do you clean those things anyway? You probably have one draped over your faucet right now—stiff as a board. Imagine what kind of nasty things that towel must be crawling with. At this point, the machine is only a concept and there are no specific details on how the device might operate, but my feeling is that it would be more practical if it utilised UV light instead of soap and water to sanitise the towels. It would be greener and most likely take up less space. [Yanko via Home Tone via Cribcandy]

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