Kabutom MX-03 Beetlebot: A Fine First Pet For Young Decepticons

In Japan, rhinoceros beetles enjoy a popularity—as pets, gambling objects, and toys—not usually granted to big, disgusting insects. And since Japan is Japan, a giant robo-tribute to the little beasts was basically inevitable, wasn't it?

Called the Kabutom MX-03, this 35-foot, 15-ton monster was 11 years in the making, debuting—along with its builder, a middle-aged guy and suspected evil villain from the Ibaraki Prefecture—on Japanese TV.

The fact that there are wheels for support is a small letdown, but there's plenty of cool stuff to see here. The best bits: 1:00 is the awakening/mating dance; 4:10 the cockpit tour; and 7:20 the climactic march. [NerdWithSwag via Japanprobe —Thanks, Mr. Chong!]

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