Jaromatic Automatic Jar and Bottle Opener Patent For Sale: Only $250K

Jerry Russell has spent 10 years and $80,000 of his own money developing the Jaromatic—a device that can open just about any bottle or can. Jerry is 68 now, and wants to retire.

In order to finance his well deserved rest, Russel is hoping to sell the Jaromatic, patents and all for $US250,000—or licence the device for an upfront fee and quarterly payments. It may not be able to compete with burly man hands, but lacking a pair of those the device can handle any bottle or can that is 5ΒΌ inches or less in diameter with zero physical effort—including medicine bottles. Naturally, that would make it ideal for the elderly. I'm not sure if it would sell, but Russel believes the device would retail for about $US40 if manufactured. [Jaromatic via DVICE]

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