Japanese TV Show Teaches Mortified Kids How To Survive Zombie Attacks

So, your kids like horror movies huh? Scare them straight with a simulated Zombie attack. It sounds cruel, but I'll be dammed if it's not effective.

So, what can parents take away from this TV show prank? Well, I don't have kids and I'm rarely ever around them, but my knowledge of zombies makes me more than qualified to answer this question. Sometimes tough, scary love is the best medicine.

I know what you're thinking—won't these kids be scarred for life? Haha...probably. For most of the kids though, this is a preemptive scarring. It's like exposing your kids to chicken pox so that they don't get all jacked up with it as an adult.

And let's not forget that it teaches valuable skills. They will have the Home Alone know-how to handle intruders—whether they are undead or not. [Thanks Rodrigo!]

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