Weaponisers: Remote-Controlled Argmoured Cars Fiht Each Other To the Death

Discovery Channel's new Weaponisers mini-series sounds pretty insane: Dudes armour-plate cars, mount them with machine guns and rockets, then hide in bunkers, operating them by remote control in an ultimate to-the-death Carmageddon. Oh my.

It's a three-part series from the MythBusters producers, airing May 11 at 9pm on the Discovery Channel. The formula resembles a lot of those DIY reality shows: Two teams of master builders compete against each other to build the sicker, more destructive remote-controlled killmobile. They don't just tear up muscle cars (a la Animal House); these bastards use innocent shuttle buses and, get this, ice cream vans, too.

Manly Testosterone-Powered Explosive Automotive Awesomeness Gallery:

Once built, there are two tiers of competition. First the weaponised cars have to blow up fuel depots or medieval fortresses, stuff that doesn't necessarily fight back, I suppose. In round two, the shit hits high gear, with "a gloves-off test" of combative capability and remote-control driver technique, until the smoke clears and there is only one vehicle left. My guess is, it'll be the one with the wedge. [Discovery]

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