iTunes 8.1 Kindly Suggests You Get New iPod Shuffle By Scrambling Old Shuffle's Brains

iTunes 8.1 adds lot of lovely features, like iTunes DJ, and apparently, a new passive-aggressive personality that's in cahoots with the evil new iPod shuffle: It completely screws up syncing with older gen iPod shuffles.

Apple forums are lit up with complaints about how iTunes 8.1 smacks around the older iPod shuffles: It dupes existing files on the iPod, it copies podcasts out-of-order, doesn't remove deleted podcasts, and won't play when connected to the computer are what's documented (and seconded and thirded) by one user. It seems to have issues with Smart playlists too.

Right now the only solution seems to be downgrading back to iTunes 8.0 until there's a fix. Oh, and isn't that photo Charlie found the best? [Apple Forums via Gadget Lab, Image: bfshadow/Flickr]

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