iPhone Nano Wannabe Actually Looks Like It Came From Cupertino

This is the HiPhone Nano N3+, a 2.8-inch touchscreen based with swivel screen mobile phone. It's a Chinese clone of an Apple product that never happened, but which actually looks like it could have happened.

Sure it's not perfect and it lacks the finesse of Apple's designs—and I shiver thinking about the software this thing packs—but look at it. There are MacBooks in there. And iPod nanos and even part of the old iPod shuffle in that internal ring—not the one Heather tried to swallow.

HiPhone Nano N3+
2.8" TouchScreen Tri-band Flip Phone w/ Dual Standby, Shake Control, Camera - HiPhone Nano N3+

• Clamshell iPod Nano design
• 2.8-inch (3.0-inch) touchscreen QVGA + stylus
• Triband GSM, GPRS
• Dual SIM with dual stand-by
• TouchWiz control
• Shake control
• Magical Voice
• Bluetooth
• Video and music support
• FM tuner
• 1.3 megapixel camera
• TF card slot (1GB TF comes with the phone)
• 2800mAh battery

This clone of hardware from an alternative Earth can be yours for $US190. [China Grabber via PMP Today]

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