Internode iPhone App Lets You Monitor Your Internet Usage (Updated)

internode iphone app.pngThere's nothing worse than getting shaped a week before the end of the month because you've exceeded your monthly download limit. That's why Internode's new iPhone app is great - so long as you're an Internode customer.It's an incredibly simple app, offering the ability to monitor Internode usage, company news, network advisories and contact details. So unless you're an Internode employee or you want to ring up and complain, chances are that you'll just use the usage section. Considering the app is free, that's okay too.

The real question here is why only Internode are offering a free mobile tool to monitor your broadband usage? Giving customers easy access to their usage stats is a great tool, and should be available to everybody. That includes non-iPhone owners, so hopefully we'll see versions of this for all the other mobile platforms as well.

UPDATE: iiNet have just informed us that they'll be launching a cross-platform web app within 2-3 months for iPhone, Android, Winmo and Blackberry. We'll have more when we hear it... [Internode]

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