If You Publicly Proclaim You're Going to Pirate a Movie, You Will Get Free Tickets to It

I have the feeling Miramax is sending the wrong message here: After bemoaning the lack of an Adventureland torrent on Twitter, Amanda got a vaguely threatening reply from MiramaxFilms, which then offered her free tickets.

Amanda told TorrentFreak she's actually semi-prolific cam watcher, but was frustrated when she couldn't find a cam vid for Adventureland, so she turned to the internet's sewage system to vent—Twitter. Obviously, somebody at Miramax scours Twitter for mentions of their movies, and the rest is now 15 seconds of internet history. But since it's a movie studio, they had to screw her over somehow, so they only gave her a code for one free ticket instead of the pair they promised.

Moral of the story: Tell the world you would like to pirate a movie (but make it clear that you haven't or that something is stopping you) and a desperate movie studio eager for eyeballs will let you see it for free, since it's still better to them than having you steal it.

P.S. Dear MiramaxFilms, I would also very much like a free ticket to Adventureland. @reply me! [TorrentFreak]

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