HTC Touch Diamond 2 Hands On: I Might Like the Original Better

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is similar to the Touch Pro 2, except it lacks the keyboard, speakerphone and conference calling capability. And though it's a fine phone, I prefer the original Touch Diamond's design.

Everything I said about the software on the Touch Pro 2 holds true with the Touch Diamond 2. It's all a great implementation of the WinMo platform and looks pretty.

But the TD2 hardware doesn't blow me away. For one, it lacks the angled backside of the original Touch Diamond, though some may have considered that excessive design. But I loved the way that design tapered the Touch Diamond. With the TD2, the phone is much more boxy and straight forward, lacking the same chic feel as its predecessor. The metallic silver body feels somewhat sterile, and the only real design flourish is a silver patch on the back. It's also slightly thicker than the original (11.5mm vs 11.3mm)

Obviously the TD2's screen is bigger and better, the guts are a little more powerful and the battery life is improved from the original TD, but I can't help but want more from this follow-up.

Still, if you don't need the keyboard—or the extra heft—and want this new HTC UI, pay attention to the Touch Diamond 2 when it finally launches in the second half of this year. It may be worthwhile.

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