HTC Magic Launches A Week Early in Spain, Just to Spite the British

In a rather excited post on Vodafone Spain's blog, the company has announced that the HTC Magic, set for a May 5th release across Europe, will be "available" today. ¿Por qué? No sé.

Of course, given the ambiguous language of the post (or my poor Spanish comprehension), they could be jerking everyone around a little bit, promoting the opening of pre-orders as actual availability. That they explicitly tout their release as earlier than the previous May 5th date, though, seems to indicate that they'll actually start shipping today. Happy crazy Android surprise day, Spain!

Update: Our resident Spaniard has confirmed that the post implies it'll ship today from the online store, but that brick-and-mortar stores will have to wait until next week. [Phandroid —Thanks, Rob!]

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