HP MediaSmart Windows Home Servers Can Now Stream Videos, Unprotected DVDs to iPhones, PSPs

The HP MediaSmart EX485 and EX487 Windows Home Servers just received an update patch to enable video streaming over the internet by way of video conversion.

The original file will stream over your LAN to your Macs, PCs and other network devices, but stream out to the internet in a mobile H.264 quality version after the conversion is done. iPhones and iPod touches can do so by downloading the iStream app from the App Store, which isn't live yet.

Codecs supported are: AVI (DivX, Xvid, MJPEG), MOV (MJPEG), DVR-MS (MPEG-2), MP4 (MPEG4), WMV and
unprotected DVD VOB. You can select individual folders to covert, which will be converted in the background as your normal processes and video streaming is going on.

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