Hitomebo GPS Mobile Phone App Allows You To Record Where You Spot Hot Ladies

A Japanese mobile phone application called Hitomebo uses GPS to help you record where you spotted good looking men or women. It also helps facilitate hook-ups.

So, if one guy spots a hot girl sitting on the subway he records it. If the girl spots him and records that she thinks he's hot then, by God, we have a match. It can also let you know if someone else is making a play for your lady. Apparently, entering in characteristics allows you to identify one another and it will send a notification to both phones to open up lines of sexy communication.

I think an app like this has some potential—if not as an ice breaker for timid nerds, perhaps as a means of determining geographic locations where there is a high density of hotness. [Hitomebo via AsiaJin via TokyoMango]

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