H-ergo Wheelchair: Fuel Cells Aren't Just For Young Whippersnappers

Even the Scooter Store demographic is getting greener these days. The four-wheeled H-ergo was designed by a coalition of companies in Italy with a hydrogen fuel cell for up to 2 hours of clean running.

It's not fast: 20km/h is what, like 13mph? So, slower than most sprinters and many joggers. And its two 800-watt electrical motor wheels can't yet run all day. But the thing, developed in part by a group of Italian automotive parts makers called From Concept To Car, and in part from various Italian government agencies and universities, is technically more environmentally correct than the standard plug-in scooter.

Not only is it cute, Italian and super green, but that name sells itself. I already came up with the first advertising slogan: "I hate to see her leave but I love to see H-ergo." [Autoblog Green]

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