Grope the Medigenic Keyboard All You Want, This Sucker's Built to Get Dirty

Designed to withstand hospital-grade disinfectants, extreme wipe-downs and an array of killer diseases, these Medigenic infection-control keyboards are equipped with a few tricks for simple sanitary lockdowns.

If you've ever looked under or between the keys of your keyboard, you'd probably find a collection of sunflower seed shells, hair, toenail clippings and boogers—just think of all the bacteria those can trap. Now just imagine all the semen, blood, urine, excrement, vomit, mucus and chemicals a hospital keyboard could be hiding. The $US140 Medigenc comes with a completely sealed body and tough exterior that won't trap bacteria and will allow you to clean it with super strong disinfectants. There's also a single button you can push that will "lockdown" all the keys so you can rub the keyboard down without sending out any e-mails that say, "SKDFJ#$%^&(@&#;@SDFJOIQOIERY(!I)_*&#;YUHEJFKDNFKJAOID OPO{PKLSF!!!!" Moreover, for those who are nostalgic for old hospital technology, the Medigenic outfitted with a silk-screened 3D keyboard design that is sure to give you that vintage, older-than-life feel. [Medigenic via OhGizmo via BBG]

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