Google Voice App Comes to iPhone and iPod Touch Soon

Google Voice, the recent reincarnation of GrandCentral that gives you voicemail transcription, call control and so much more, is about to hit iPhones by way of an app.

The app comes with a dialer, which dials out (from your Google Voice number), and rings your iPhone to connect both sides. It works with a dialpad or your contact list, plus you can also SMS people the same way. There's other standard Google Voice features like call log and voicemail, which you can listen to much the same way as iPhone's voicemails.

iPod touch users, who can't really take advantage of the dialing stuff, can still use the GV app as a mobile control centre to have it ring their standard mobile phones. We'll let you know when the app hits. [Google via 9 to 5 Mac]

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