Gocycle Bike Offers Best of Both Worlds for Urban Greenies: It's Folding and Electric

Unlike other electric bikes, the Gocycle is not only small, it's technologically savvy. Combining a low-profile, folding design with an electric motor that will let it go up to 25kph.

Gizmag says the Gocycle can travel 30km on a three hour charge, and can function as a normal, electric-free bike with the push of a button. The bike is also the world's first bike to feature a fully-enclosed, multi-gear drive system (3 gears). This means you won't get grease and other crap all over your clothes. When it's time to pack up the Gocycle, it fits within the dimensions of 65x54x26cm, letting you store it somewhere unassuming.

Manufacturer Karbon Kinetics Limited says they plan to sell the bike direct to consumers throughout the UK next month for between $US900 and $US2,500. Apparently delivery location dictates the cost of the bike. Be sure to check out more images over at Gizmag. [Gocycle via Gizmag]

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