GigaPan Epic 100 Arm Wrestles Small DSLRs to Create Gargantuan Gigapixel Panoramas

GigaPan has put their famed Epic gigapixel photo system on steroids, so the Epic 100 manhandles pro point-and-shoots and small DSLRs to create even more massive gigapixel photos from a bunch of stitched together shots.

Like the original Epic, it transforms the art of panorama into a machine process, automatically tilting and moving your camera to capture hundreds (or however many) photos of the large-scale scene you want to capture. It then downloads all of those photos from your camera and stitches them together with its proprietary software to create ginormous photos with thousands of megapixels, like this.

It has a bunch of smaller tweaks to the original as well, like the ability to take nine shots in the same position before moving, which Charlie notes means you can shoot high-dynamic range photos panoramas with the Epic 100, provided you've got the memory card space and the battery juice. Speaking of, it apparently still uses six AA batteries, meaning the original Epic's Achilles' heel Mark found is intact—actually, since it's moving a heavier camera and now has a backlit LCD, it seems like it could be worse. Not bad for $US450, still.

If you're still not satisfied with the size of this thing, don't worry—GigaPan promises at the bottom of the page that they're working on the GigaPan DSLR imager. Could you imagine an uberpanorama of a city skyline at night composed with a 5D Mark II or Nikon D700? Hold on, I think I need to change my pants. [GigaPan Gadget Lab]

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