Foxtel Relaunches Website, Now Offers Video Previews And Account Control

Foxtel Relaunches Website, Now Offers Video Previews And Account Control

`foxtel website.pngFoxtel today have completely revamped their online presence, giving subscribers the ability to remotely manage their account online, as well as sample clips from selected Foxtel programming in full screen.The ability to manage your account details online is a long overdue one, so it’s great to see it’s finally been enabled. No longer will you have to call Foxtel’s support to order Box Office or Main Event programs. You can still use the site to remotely program your iQ or iQ2 as well using the 14-day online EPG.

The full screen video addition is interesting, but not the Video on Demand service we were really hoping for. Instead, it offers promotional clips – in most cases it appears to be the same ones that are actually broadcast on Foxtel – that can be scaled to full screen. Unfortunately, at the moment they appear to be rather low resolution – scaling to full screen on my 20-inch iMac results in a pixelated mess that can barely be made out.

You have to assume that this update to Foxtel’s website is a precursor to the introduction of online functionalities for the iQ2 – remember, their HD DVR has an ethernet port in the back, although at the moment it’s lying dormant, waiting for Foxtel to spring it to life and start offering some irresistable VOD options. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for. We’ll see what they actually do with it sometime later this year.


FOXTEL today announced a revolutionary new website offering a unique television experience online. fuses FOXTEL television with the internet to provide an entertaining online destination.

The new-look now offers visitors an extensive collection of full screen video, can recommend must-see FOXTEL programming, and for the first time offers FOXTEL subscribers the ability to manage their account online. is also an exciting next step toward providing subscribers with a fully integrated online entertainment service where they can access their favourite FOXTEL channels and shows from the PC.

FOXTEL Executive Director of Sales and Product Development, Patrick Delany said, “FOXTEL’s new site brings TV to the net, we’ve taken a huge amount of video clips and promos and put them online to watch at any time. The entire screen comes alive with video and the website framework is available underneath.

“ is the online window to FOXTEL and is the best way for us to show people what FOXTEL offers. If you’re new to FOXTEL, the site will help you discover what FOXTEL is, and it also provides existing subscribers with a range of new features to expand FOXTEL’s services and functionality.”

Be entertained online and sample the best of FOXTEL programming by viewing hours and hours of video clips in full screen. Find video promos and clips showcasing over 60 shows at any one time from either the home page or the What’s On section of the site.

There’s always something great to watch on FOXTEL and now it’s easier than ever to find these shows using the new site’s true recommendation technology. The recommendation functionality is designed to help viewers discover new programs, as well as find shows they already enjoy watching. The 14 Day Online TV Guide also hosts the new recommendation features and is seamlessly integrated with Remote Record, which sends selected shows straight to the FOXTEL iQ or iQ2 set-top-unit planner to watch any time at home.

In a FOXTEL first, it’s now possible to access your FOXTEL account online. Simply register at My FOXTEL to get a web account which allows you to access the services of My Account, Remote Record and the FOXTEL Preview Newsletter.[1]

My Account is a quick and easy way to manage your FOXTEL account online. Subscribers can now sign up to view monthly bill summaries, payment history, check or change appointments with FOXTEL technicians, update account details, order[2]or cancel FOXTEL Box Office movies, Main Event and Adults Only programs, use the secure EasyPay Direct Debit system, and more.

Delany continued: “Subscribers are looking for the convenience and ease-of-use that an online system offers, such as with online banking. Once signed up to My FOXTEL you have one web account that allows you to navigate around the site and is linked to your set-top-unit at home so you can use My Account and Remote Record.

“My Account provides 24/7 flexibility from any internet connection so there’s no need to pick up the phone to manage your account or order movies and Main Events – simply log-on from work, home or anywhere.

Want to know more? is the one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about FOXTEL. Visit Shop, Discover, Support or search via the new Google interface to find the information and answers you’re looking for.