Fonera, the Communalist Wi-Fi Club, Revamps Routers With NAS, BitTorrent and 3G Support

Fonera, whose novel routers require you to share your connection in trade for access to other Fonera users' connections, has updated their hardware: the new Fonera 2 supports USB storage, BitTorrent and 3G dongles.

To clarify what that means, a little Fonera refresher: All Fonera routers are open to all Fonera users, meaning that in exchange for providing Wi-Fi to the occasional Fonera-owning passerby, you get to tap into other Fonera users' connections whenever you're away from home. It's a pretty cool idea, but it's not clear that there are enough Foneras in existence for the concept to work in practice, at least in the US.

But the new Fonera 2 hardware is attractive in its own right. It is equipped to turn into a NAS with any external HDD, and even supports Time Machine. USB 3G dongles can be plugged in to share a cellular connection over Wi-Fi, and an inbuilt BitTorrent client rounds out the banner features (but there's plenty more to see here, and in the above video). The Fonera will run a reasonable €50 ($US70) when it launches in Europe this month and worldwide in May. [Gadget Lab via Slashdot]

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