Fatwa on Mobile Phones: No Koran Verse Ringtones in the Toilet

You shouldn't use a verse from the Koran as a ringtone—if you answer halfway through the verse that's bad, according to an Islamic group's fatwa. Not to mention the toilet.

The fatwa—which is just a a decree issued by an Islamic scholar—on mobile phone usage issued by a panel of clerics from the Islamic group Jamia Ashraf-ul-Madaris in the Indian city of Kanpur.

Worse still is if you had an aayat as a ringtone and could hear it in the toilet. Senior cleric Ghyasuddin says that, "If the phone rings and an aayat can be heard in the toilet, it is a sin." Also according to the fatwa, you can't even leave the phone on vibrate when you pray, since it's still too distracting.

But really, you shouldn't be bringing your phone into the bathroom anyway, it's just kind of gross, especially if you have a touchscreen phone. [Channel 4 via Inquirer]

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