Exposing Your Junk To The Comcast Guy Will Not Get You Free Cable, Only Jail Time

Here is my life lesson for today: no matter how excited you are to get your internet service fixed, do not expose yourself to the cable guy. I can't stress that enough.

Here is one harrowing tale:

The technician testified that he went to Trikes' Pinckney Road home Oct. 17, after Trikes complained his Internet service was too slow.

While at the defendant's home, the technician said, Trikes began discussing pornographic Web sites that he had visited online as well as a sexually explicit video that he said he found in a gas station garbage can. The technician said he began talking about his date later that evening "to ease the uncomfortableness" of the situation.

However, the witness said, Trikes then exposed his genitals, which made the technician extremely uncomfortable.

Needless to say, Trikes is now facing jail time for indecent exposure. No matter how you feel about Comcast, nobody deserves that. Seriously, It's the kind of reverse porno you will probably find in hell. [Consumerist via Digg and Image via Flickr]

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