Entertainment Geekly: They’re Making An Astroboy Movie Now?

Entertainment Geekly: They’re Making An <em>Astroboy</em> Movie Now?

I remember I used to watch Astroboy as a kid. I don’t remember what it was like, but I have vague recollections of watching him die. Or maybe that was just the free-to-air networks killing another show that I enjoyed. I don’t actually remember anything from the plot – other than he’s a robot boy who can fly – so I don’t actually have any expectations for this 3D rendering of an old childhood favourite. Watching this teaser trailer, I have to say it looks pretty swish, but for some reason there’s a part of me that is pulling me away from it, as though to watch too much will somehow hurt the few childhood memories of the show I have left.

Are there any other geeks out there with stronger feelings about Astroboy? That are prepared to admit it? What do you think about Hollywood remaking it for the modern audience?

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