Enough With the Flying Cars Already

Look, the future didn't happen in 1956, it's not going to happen this year, and it's never going to happen, ok? No matter how cool these flying cars may look like.

Don't get me wrong. If I had a car, I would love it to fly. But more like in a Back to the Future way than on this awkward let's-get-these-big-honkin'-wings out and do the Koji Kabuto. Stephen Harris and his father like the idea enough, so much that they are going to put their company—Leigh Aerosystems, which has created drones and weapons for the Air Force before—on it. These is the design they have came up with.

The specs are good:

• FAA certification for instrument flight operations
• 100LL fuel
• 180 mph cruise speed at 15,000 ft.
• 20,000 ft ceiling
• 500 mile range

And on the road:

• 25 mpg fuel consumption
• 500 mile range

They claim they tested their model at the San Diego Low Wind tunnel and it can fly. Of course, there's a big gap between testing a model and actually getting it to fly and in production. [Leigh Aerosystems via Born Rich]

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