Engadget's Monster Cable Endorsement: 'Monster Cable Sucks'

If you spotted this ad for Monster's Dr. Dre Beats headphones—which strips an out-of-context blurb from a news post—you'd think Engadget gave Monster Cable an awkward-sounding endorsement. But the mutilated sentence was lifted and applied without Engadget's permission.

It's not uncommon for companies to ask about using quotes in ads—seen any Sprint or G1 spots lately?—which is fine. But it's not cool to use them without permission, even if Dr. Dre's Beats are pretty decent cans and yes, there is some difference in audio cables.

Engadget does have an endorsement for Monster now though: "Monster Cable sucks." Way to live up to your rep, Monster, as a pretty douchey company.

Update: Monster Cable has pulled the quote, but are still douches. [Engadget]

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