EA Bundling Games with Wii MotionPlus for Zero Savings? UPDATE

The good news: EA will be bundling games you might want, like Tiger Woods 2010, with the Wii MotionPlus dongle. Now for the bad news: UPDATE: Make that more good news!

Early UK pricing puts these games at £29.99 without the dongle and £49.99 with the dongle. Obviously, international pricing doesn't always translate properly, but that's about a $US30 difference in "real money" (the state of our economy balances my inherent xenophobia to the point of using finger quotes when promoting the US dollar).

Meanwhile, the Wii MotionPlus standalone dongle will only cost $US20 when it arrives June 8th.

We doubt that EA will be charging a premium over Nintendo's pricing for Wii MotionPlus (they're probably just going to charge $US20 extra for their games bundled with the peripheral). But some savings would certainly be appreciated. Otherwise, why bundle at all? (Actually, that question isn't rhetorical. Shortages on Wii MotionPlus peripherals could easily drive EA's game sales. So it's good for them, not so good for you.) [Kotaku]

UPDATE: GameStop is showing Tiger Woods 2010 to run $US50 without the dongle and $US60 with the dongle. That would be a savings of $US10, which would be notable.

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