E Launches, Brings You Easy Virtual (And Physical) Business Card Sharing

E is a social networking tool that makes it easy to trade business cards, personal info and automatically connect to each other on most social networking sites. And yes, there's an iPhone app.

You've got three ways to use E. The neatest right now is with a connector dongle. You hold it up to another connector, say at a tradeshow or a meeting, and you instantly exchange information. The downside is the person you're exchanging info needs to have one of these E dongles. The dongles sync and charge via USB and have 72 hours of battery life.

But, if you've got an iPhone, you can use the iPhone app and "flick" your business card over to the other person. Or if one of you doesn't have an iPhone, there's always just visiting the E website and punching in a unique code to swap info there.

We can imagine this will save on loads and loads of paper for business cards and writing down people's social networking info, which we're extremely excited about. You can go and sign up for a the trial today. [MyNameIsE]

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