DXG-125V: The $US100 HD Camcorder That's Cheap and Waterproof

Starting July, the $US100 DXG-125V HD waterproof camcorder shoots in 720p using h.264 compression and is available in red, olive green and camouflage. Too manly for you? There's a girly version too.

With a built-in compass, lithium-ion rechargeable battery and waterproof body, the DXG-125V camcorder looks like it was built to stand a few bumps and bruises out in the nitty, gritty outdoors. But if you're looking for something a little more feminine, in August, you'll be able to get the $US130 Luxe version that comes with a 3-inch LCD flip-out screen, designed to look like a plush clutch purse. [Dvice]

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