Dual Choco Baby Xbox 360 Joysticks Herald the Glorious Return of Virtual On

I wasted too many days in a dank arcade that frankly sucked in every respect except the single reason I went: Virtual On. With its dual joysticks, it stood above all other giant robot games.

The home experience always felt half-baked and watered down—but that was also in the days before everybody had a 46-inch TV and you had to share a single display for multiple people. Now, it's coming to Xbox 360 and people have giant TVs, but there's no twin-stick to play it. Yet, anyway.

But you can build it! (Oh yeah, that was the point of this post.) All you have to do is find two tube-like candy containers and some arcade buttons, then re-wire your Xbox 360 controller like so. Done! And so worthwhile. [Gamerbook via 1UP via Kotaku]

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